Weld-Fab Mfg. is pleased to provide our customers with the assurance that all of their parts are subject to a thorough quality assurance processes. To ensure every product passes stringent quality control requirements, parts are inspected throughout the production process at multiple quality control checkpoints, and before they are released to your facility. Weld-Fab Mfg. also exercises consistent use of best practices in First Article Inspections, Production Part Approval Process and Initial Sample Inspection Reports. Our quality assurance system involves employees and suppliers in a continuous improvement endeavor to achieve superior satisfaction.


Weld-Fab Mfg. believes that advanced quality product planning begins from concept layout to full manufacturing. To ensure our customers receive this high standard of quality in every part we make, Weld-Fab Mfg. has become ISO 9001-2015 certified. With hard work and determination, we have developed and implemented our quality system to ensure the standards and services provided meet or exceed the rigorous manufacturing and safety requirements demanded by our customers.

Calibrations are done on a regular schedule, and tracked in our calibration system. Outside calibrations are NIST certified ensuring that all parts are measured with calibrated and certified measuring devices. Our advanced inspection equipment includes: our Faro Arm which is a portable cmm and our Virtek Laser QC which is a rapid, two-dimensional laser inspection machine.


Our Virtek Laser QC machine is used to inspect flat parts as well as perform statistical process control measurements and reverse engineering of two-dimensional materials. As the Virtek laser scans the part, the outline appears in real time on the computer screen. In seconds the scanned part can be automatically compared to the corresponding CAD file with any variances outside pre-set tolerances highlighted in color. If required, the Virtek Laser QC can automatically create detailed inspection reports.